Bleaching is a cosmetic procedure that improves the colour of the teeth, beautify the smile and appearance of the patient. This is a treatment that gives patients a lot of pleasure. To be properly carried out, according to the whitening protocol, and thus safe and effective, it should be carried out within the office. Before bleaching, every patient should be examined and qualified for the procedure by a doctor.

Bleaching can be performed in patients over 16 years of age, after prior performing of the professional hygienic procedure. Contraindication for bleaching is hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the preparation, pregnancy and breast-feeding.

The doctor, in consultation with the patient, selects the best way of whitening and the hygienist performs the procedure. Bleaching can be performed using the following methods (one of them or a combination thereof):

  • professional bleaching in the office
  • bleaching with overlays (in cooperation and under control of the dentist)
  • whitening in the dental office with continuation at home
  • bleaching performed by the patient using bleaching pastes