Losing any single tooth has consequences for the oral cavity. Replacing the gap after the missing tooth is necessary and should be carried out as soon as possible. The teeth form a uniform structure and the absence of one element affects the behaviour and condition of all others. Delaying the supplementation can lead to the opposite tooth sticking out, the tilt of the tooth adjacent to the gap, and even the destruction and loss of one of the remaining teeth. In the course of dental consultation, we choose the optimal solution for the patient. The implantologist determines the possibility of performing the treatment and plans the treatment.

The gap after the missing teeth can be complemented by using conventional prosthetic methods or implantology and implant prosthetics.
Implantology offers the possibility of introducing titanium implant that is biocompatible with the bone (so called artificial root). After the time needed to integrate the implant with bone, prosthetic restoration (crown, bridge or prosthesis) is performed on this implant.

The success rate of implantation and the bone integration process is very high.