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General, aesthetic and prosthetic dentistry. Psychologist - team leader.

A doctor with over twenty years of practice. She is continuously developing her qualifications by participating in many domestic and overseas trainings and conferences. Psychological knowledge supports work with patients with dental fear also referred to as dental phobia. Patients and their comfort are her priority. That is why she puts emphasis on the standards of service and communication with the patient.

Outside of the dental office – she also works as a psychologist, trainer and business consultant. She finds relaxation in the sun-drenched streets of Italian towns.

general and aesthetic dentistry, periodontology

A doctor with more than 20 years of experience in the field of conservative, aesthetic and prosthetic dentistry as well as endodontics. She is a periodontist. She conducts modern procedures in the field of periodontal surgery.
Regular participation in conferences and professional training makes it possible to provide our patients with treatment according to the latest standards.

She finds balance between professional and private life in taking care of her own garden, and she energizes herself with a large dose of sporting activities.

implantology, surgical procedures

A doctor with over a dozen years of experience.
He deals with implantology, implant prosthetics, dental surgery and periodontal microsurgery. He is constantly refining his medical education by frequent participation in domestic and foreign training in modern implantation procedures.

When he feels a need to distance himself from everyday life he goes fishing in the summer and skiing in winter.


His professional fascinations are implantology and surgery. He has been developing his skills and expertise in these areas of dentistry for many years.
He is an implantologist who finds solutions in the most demanding situations. He carries out extremely complicated procedures (including bone grafts and maxillary sinus lift). He works at the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery of the City Hospital in Gdynia.

He loads his batteries surfing and kite surfing. He loves photography.


A doctor with more than twenty years of experience, orthodontist. As part of his specialist work, he uses comprehensive treatment methods (including orthodontic microsurgical screws and bringing impacted teeth into the arch). He cooperates with surgeons, taking part in highly specialized procedures requiring teamwork, orthodontic and orthognathic surgery. In this area, he cooperates with dental clinics in Warsaw and Olsztyn.

In his private life he is a keen maritime sailor and an expert in militaria.

conservative, aesthetic and paediatric dentistry, endodontics

A doctor with seven years of experience. Her favourite areas of dentistry are conservative dentistry and endodontics. She distinguished herself with great attention to detail, aesthetic sensitivity and precise response to the needs of the patient. She likes working with children with whom she establishes great contact and gets on well.
She is currently in orthodontic training. She is also a postgraduate student in the field of aesthetic medicine.

The best way of spending her free time is hiking and contemplating the beauty of the mountains.

dental assistant – a one-woman band

She has worked with us for several years. Being in touch with people is her element – she likes people and likes her job. In addition to the reception work she organizes the whole operation of the office: supplies, patient calls etc.. She has enormous energy and a great deal of good humour.
She has numerous training courses in her professional dossier including four-hands work, modern oral hygiene and disinfection procedures. She is currently studying management.

After work, she takes her family out on bike tours.

dental hygienist

A hygienist in our team. She takes special care of our little patients.
She has completed many professional courses. Since she is a qualified water rescuer, she provides first aid assistance. She graduated from the Faculty of Management at the University of Gdańsk.

She is a fitness and aqua aerobics instructor.

dental hygienist, specialist in pedagogy and health promotion

She has been working with us for many years. A great hygienist who, in addition to performing a hygienic procedure will also explain and teach how to care for oral hygiene.
She has a Master’s degree in pedagogy of health promotion. She shares her expertise with students as a lecturer at one of the Tri-City schools for dental hygienists.

She relaxes herself hiking in the mountains with her family, reading books or baking healthy pastries.


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