It deals with improvement of both the aesthetics and the function of the entire chewing and speech apparatus. In our Studio, this area of dentistry is very important and constantly developed. Aesthetic dentistry combines the treatment methods of conservative dentistry, prosthetics and orthodontics. Below we have presented prosthetic tools for aesthetic dentistry.

Ceramic veneers (porcelain)
Fantastic solution, patients’ favourite. This small, 0.5 mm thick, porcelain plate completely changes your smile. Patients who have unattractive fillings or want to correct the colour or the shape of their teeth choose this solution.
Veneers make the smile snow-white and restore the joy of the patient’s life.
Ceramic crowns
Made of different types of ceramics. They are a very aesthetic solution that represents the shape and colour of the natural tooth. The indications for their use are several, but usually they are used for damaged and / or dead teeth, as their function is to strengthen the tooth. Ceramic crowns provide a beautiful and natural smile.
Inlay / Onlay
Inlay and onlay – prosthetic elements that we use in place of traditional fillings. This is a filling made in the laboratory. Such fillings are made of composite material (however, it is more resistant than the composite used in the office as filler for cavities), ceramics or gold.