Conservative dentistry deals with the prevention and treatment of caries. It includes:

  • treatment of tooth decay (cavities)
  • treatment of complications of carious infection, i.e. endodontic treatment (canal treatment)

For filling cavities, we use high-tech, light curable composite materials or glass-ionomer materials.
Endodontic treatment is performed when the long-running carious process causes changes in the tooth pulp. This treatment involves the removal of the affected tissue from the root canals, specialized preparation of canals (mechanical and chemical), and filling with gutta-percha-based materials.

Filling canals with gutta-percha prevents re-entry of bacteria into the root canal. Canal treatment is performed under local anaesthesia, covering the treatment area with cofferdam, a special protective mantle that insulates the treated tooth from the remaining teeth and soft tissues of the oral cavity.
During endodontic treatment, X-ray images of the treated tooth are taken.

Endodontic treatment is 95% effective.

After endodontic treatment, teeth must be rebuilt using modern dentistry procedures (the tissue of the tooth should be properly reinforces). For this purpose, the most frequently used materials and methods are: glass fibre reinforced laboratory made prosthetic crown and root inlays as well as prosthetic crowns.

The doctor in consultation with the patient finds the best solution in every case.